Licensing & upgrades

Users & locations

The MVB Fonts basic license is for use of the font(s) by one (1) user at one (1) geographic location.

Multi-user licensing is available for 5, 10, 15, 25, 50, 75, 125, 175, or 250 users at one location. The larger the number of users licensed, the greater the discount.

All licenses sold at this site are for a given number of users at one location, with provisions for portable computers (see EULA). If you need the font at multiple locations, you must purchase separate licenses for each location for the number of users at each location, or you may contact MVB Fonts for information about special multi-site licensing.

Special licenses

There are restrictions to how MVB fonts can be used. For example, they cannot be embedded in a game product or e-book, or embedded in Web pages, used with Adobe® Flash®, among other situations, without first obtaining special licensing from MVB Fonts. See EULA for more information about restrictions. Contact MVB Fonts if your proposed use requires a special license.

Corporate licensing

Some companies need one, company-wide license for multiple locations, sometimes with special licenses for otherwise restricted uses included. Contact MVB Fonts for more information.


MVB Fonts does not offer font format upgrades. If you have an older version of an MVB font and now require a newer version, you need to purchase a new license for the newer product.

Prior licensing is not upgradable. Prior licensing is not applied as a credit toward purchasing larger licenses. To increase the number of licensed users and/or locations, simply purchase additional licensing. Multi-user licensing options available are for 5, 10, 15, 25, 50, 75, 125, 175, or 250 users at one location.


• If you have previously licensed a font for five (5) users, and now wish to license it for 30 users at the same location, simply purchase a new license for 25 users.

• If you previously licensed a font for five (5) users, and you now need 100 users at the same location, you would then need a new license for 125 users (given the licensing tiers available). You could buy separate licenses for 75, 10, and 10 users to get things to add up to 100 exactly, but given discounts, this would cost quite a bit more than simply purchasing the 125-user license.

If you require licensing for more than 250 users, contact MVB Fonts for a special license.