Mundane information—the sort you might ignore—often appears in the form of very simple, utilitarian lettering, devoid of personality, the sort of industrial lettering you find on old blueprints, park restrooms, and electrical boxes.

MVB Diazo is such a thing. It looks like lettering done earnestly with a plastic template. The monoline caps—constructed from straight lines and simple curves—have rounded details as if rendered by a blunt pen on a topographical survey or by a router on a rustic campground sign.

The MVB Diazo fonts are compact, available in two widths: Condensed and Extra Condensed. Each width offers four weights from Light to Black. The fonts are perfect for wherever plain and boring letterforms are required.

All widths and weights are also available in two distressed textures (#1 and #2) that accentuate the industrial character of the design. Rough #1 is gritty, with finer texture for use at larger sizes. Rough #2 exhibits more damage, the roughness apparent when used at smaller sizes. The Rough fonts include alternates of a number of glyphs so that variation of texture is possible when letters repeat in a word.

MVB Diazo®

Mark van Bronkhorst

Font format
OpenType for Mac & Windows

Character set(s)
OpenType Basic