Alan Greene designed MVB Salis to serve as a versatile type family, a robust sans with a dry, neutral tone and proportions for work across multiple media. Through the rhythm of its forms in body copy and the character of its forms in headlines, Salis reveals its distinct nature with subtlety.

As a family its eight weights present a structure of evident competence and cohesion. At text sizes the stout forms of its Regular and Medium reduce to a smooth and vibrant texture. At its lightest, Salis maintains its force with sharply cut curves and a sophisticated fit. At its heaviest the face retains its linearity, presenting strength without overbearing. Accompanying italics offer adequate contrast in running text and provide further levels of compositional hierarchy when required. A thoughtful set of OpenType features finishes the family’s list of comforts with fractions, ordinals, super- and subscripts, and case-sensitive punctuation and figures.

MVB Salis™

Alan Greene

Font format
OpenType for Mac & Windows

Character set(s)
OpenType Standard