MVB Dovetail is an editorially focused text serif designed by David Sudweeks.

The working idea for the typeface came from a design school letter-making exercise: Take a pair of scissors and a few large sheets of paper, and start cutting. The resulting letters and the action itself of cutting them out of paper informed the type design process, producing strong, simple shapes and an open, inviting texture.

Dovetail’s tone is crisp and straightforward. Its classic letterforms, set off with a touch of playfulness, give the design both a practical and spontaneous personality. The text weights capably set copy at a variety of sizes for print and render crisply on screen. Its lightest and heaviest weights perform best at display sizes.

Care has been taken to save the typographer’s time with OpenType features including contextual punctuation and symbols to fit mixed-case, small-caps, and all-caps settings, as well as figure sets tuned to each use.

MVB Dovetail®

David Sudweeks

Font format
OpenType for Mac & Windows

Character set(s)
OpenType Pro