Sweet Gothic is part of MVB’s Sweet Collection of engraved lettering styles from the 20th Century.

Sweet Gothic Light is closely based on lettering from an engravers pattern from the early 1900s. The pattern was used for tracing letterforms with the engraving machine (pantograph) to make steel engraving plates. The design is related to many similar engravers gothics developed in the early 1900s, but as each engraving house created by hand their own patterns for popular styles of the time, there is variation among the models. Sweet Gothic offers contrast in stroke weight and its unique personality.

The bolder weights are new designs, based on the characteristics of the Light. A serif variant (Sweet Gothic Serif) has also been developed to expand the usefulness of the family, offering an alternative to Copperplate Gothic. As such, most of the fonts are new designs, yet may seem familiar and ubiquitous given their model.

The fonts include two sizes of caps, figures and monetary symbols.

Sweet® Gothic

Mark van Bronkhorst

Font format
OpenType for Mac & Windows

Character set(s)
OpenType Standard